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about eva

Eva stands for “Evolution Via Awareness.” Eva is a non-profit medical cannabis brand and delivery service founded to raise awareness of cannabis’ vast medicinal benefits and to do so with the professionalism that this industry is ready for. Eva was born out of a passion for providing superior products and sharing the restorative properties of the cannabis plant. We strive to exceed expectations as well as push industry standards as to how medical cannabis is defined. 

In an industry where the medical aspect of the process is overlooked, we  treat our medicine as what it truly is: medicine. This, of course, means adhering to a set of stricter standards involving numerous quality assurance measures currently missing from many medical cannabis operations and services.

If one is going to call cannabis medicine then it would be nothing short of negligent to not certify that their products are free of pesticides, fertilizers, residual solvents, heavy metals, pests, and aerobic bacteria. In order to provide consistent quality and safety for our patients we offer exclusively lab-certified products. At present, the cannabis industry is desperately lacking a quality assurance division and we are here to change that. Welcome to the Eva Standard. 

Honesty. Integrity. Transparency. Service.

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